Investments and Syndications

Investments and Syndications

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The Canadian Real Estate Market is amongst the most stable and secure in the World. It parallels the strong economic policies and domestic banking regulations that have made the historical performance of this type of investment so attractive in this country.

Investments and Syndications involving Canadian Real Estate is a healthy addition to any investment portfolio. Gentry Real Estate Services Limited provides a comprehensive range of investment options and opportunities which address the needs of both individual and institutional Investors.

Syndications are an excellent way to expand your real estate portfolio without necessarily assuming exponential risk. Gentry Syndications are specific to a particular property and can involve office towers, apartment high-rises, retail plazas, vacant land, and development projects.

Interested in expanding or starting your real estate portfolio by further exploring the benefits of syndication? Complete the Exclusive Investor Notification Application to start the process.

“It is better to hold a 10% interest in 10 Properties than it is to hold a 100% interest in one!”

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