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Gentry Real Estate Services Limited has been supporting its clients and investors for over 30 years. In that time, we have held countless informational interviews, one-off training sessions and supported various education efforts to share the wealth of knowledge we have collected over the years.

With that, we are proud to introduce the foundational course for Gentry Learning: Real Estate Investment – The Essentials.

Current Course: Real Estate Investment – The Essentials.
In this one of a kind self-paced course, you will find everything you will need to begin investing in real estate and to build a portfolio that will meet your personal objectives, whether they are to create a career out of real estate investment or simply to subsidize your current income.

In this interactive digital course, we will cover:

For launch, we are offering a $250 discount on the course price. For limited time only, you can get access to this course for only $999. Click on the Gentry Learning tile on the left to register. Once complete, you will have access to the course content and to the Gentry Learning team for any support you might need!

Thank you for choosing Gentry Learning and enjoy your learning!

Frederick (Fred) Crouch, FRI ACoM CLO CRES
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